Sint Catherinastraat mural october 2022

Eindhoven (Netherlands) Trudo had to demolish a living unit in Sint Catherinastraat due to structural problems. Sint Catherinastraat is one of the most beautiful streets in the city therefore the idea of a mural came up by the company during the renewal process.

These were the first sketches of an idea for a wide yet short painting space 20 meters x 3 meters. This idea is inspired on The Lover’s eye, a vintage jewelry piece inspired by King George IV in 1780 whis consisted in a miniature painting that could be worn in a locket. I liked this idea of exchange, present and romance mixed with a saturated palette to cheer the neighbourhood and give a little bit of storytelling.





After the project was aproved I was given a deadline of 3 weeks to finish the mural.

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