Province (Mural)


First pencil sketches


Custom lampshades designed for the event

Probably we can all identify with the inner battle between comfortable stability and the adventure of exploring new things, of taking risks. In the mural this fight is captured, between two imposing figures that seem to be antagonistic, one calm and expectant, while the other is strong and unstoppable between a chaos of furious schoolgirls. It is called Province from a song that for me speaks of the end of the world, not like that cryptic circumstance to which everyone is afraid of, but that last moment of ecstasy in which an individual has nothing to lose and for that he surrenders to life and to the instant with the strength of a tsunami. Blocks of color, imagination and exuberance, the mural is a party and those are the guests.

Wall size: 11×4 meters

Souvenir for the kids who visit the mural to color

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