Cosmo (coffee shops)

Interior (coffee shop and bar)

Illustration can accomplish the soul’s embodiment of a space. It’s human to relate and construct symbols from the places that mean something to us.
Habits, and every day routines are related to images and the objects we use to decorate those places we love.
These are pieces I created for Cosmo Cafe, Cometa and Cosmo la Central situated in Barcelona. The places take special atention to decoration with elements as natual colors, custom made furniture and art all over the place. All of which project a nice warm atmosphere to enjoy a good talk with warm drinks.

The first set of images that were made for Cosmo Gallery and Cafe Cometa where completly digitally drawn in Photoshop, which gives the possibility of switching sizes and be able to adapt the graphics to the spaces as the time passes and the Coffee shop needs transform. The last image is an acrylic painting (100cmx70cm) on canvas.

With this piece, I wanted to achieve a beautiful contrast between the complex composition of the painting and the clear and white space of the coffee shop.

Available for sale.